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Mailhouse services in Chicago can seem like a cumbersome process, but we can make the direct mail steps as easy as possible without worrying you over the trivial details. Bulk mailing services are utilized to facilitate the actual addressing of your printed material, whether it’s a postcard, self mailer, or invite package. We print the mailing information directly on your printed piece, add the postal information, sort the project, and deliver it to the post office.

Here's How It Works

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01 Printing

Get your material printed–find more information here. These can be postcards, brochures, invitations, envelopes, etc. We have a large variety of options for printing, folding, and tabbing so that your bulk mailing piece makes a big impact!

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02 Mailing List

Submit a list you have purchased or own in Excel format, or purchase a list through us with your exact specifications. For instance, you can purchase a list of single family homes in your zip code that make $100K annually.

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03 Postage

From here we take care of addresses and a bulk permit number, then sort and deliver to the post office. By using a bulk permit (indicia), we can secure a better postal rate for you. We can use your own indicia if you have one. Postage itself is paid directly by the customer.

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04 Delivery

Sit back and relax, and follow up on those phone calls!

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